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best affordable flat iron How to Get Super Sleek Straight Hair

Frizzy hair? Don’t despair. Theorie Quantum Flat Iron takes the guesswork out of how to get super sleek straight hair and cuts your getting-ready time down significantly. Watch the above video and follow these simple steps for smooth strands without a hair out of place:

  1. Start with tangle-free dry hair.
  2. Choose your ideal heat level—310 degrees for very fine to 450 degrees for very thick or curly. The Quantum calibrates its heat every millisecond for the most consistent straightening.
  3. Take a small, 1- to 2-inch section and place the flat iron as close to root as possible. The flat iron’s titanium core and ceramic coating eliminate frizz and lock in moisture.
  4. Use a carbon comb (not plastic, which melts) to smooth flyaways while moving the flat iron slowly, down to the ends. It just takes one pass and the beveled titanium plates are snag free so you won’t deal with breakage (no more ouch!).
  5. And voila, not a hair out of place. This smart straightener will remember your custom settings for the next time, too!
  6. Forgetful much? A 60-second auto shutoff has your back.

Did we mention it comes with a lifetime warranty? Find Theorie Quantum Flat Iron exclusively at Ulta Beauty here.

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