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How to Get Wavy Hair in 5 Minutes

Don’t get bent out of shape about not knowing how to use a curling iron. Just watch this helpful video about how to get wavy hair in 5 minutes using Theorie Shape Curling Iron and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Start with dry hair.
  2. Separate hair into 2-inch sections. (Notice how the Shape iron’s 9-foot cord’s got moves! It swivels as you move around your bathroom.)
  3. Hold wand vertically, like it’s a light saber.
  4. Loop hair in at the base of the curling iron and roll it up. Leave 1 or 2 inches of your ends out of the wand for a trendier wavy look.
  5. The handy cool tip lets you do the twist without burning yourself.
  6. Count three Mississippis, then pull the curl down and out. The barrel’s titanium core creates even heat distribution and a ceramic coating unleashes shine as it glides through strands.
  7. Flip hair upside down and shake it out.
  8. Use Theorie Shape Curling Iron for life, manufacturer guaranteed.
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