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Amber Rose - Hydrating Serum Moisture Sealing & Damage Prevention  | For All Hair Types   This hydrating serum makes hair smell incredible with rosehip seed oil while it deeply nourishes with macadamia oil, which...
Harvested from the nut inside the Marla fruit, Marula oil offers nutrient-packed, moisturizing fatty acids and natural antioxidants that hydrate and transform frizzy hair to smooth. This lightweight, fast-absorbing serum incorporates argan oil to coat and seals the hair cuticle, leaving satin finish and halting damage from heat and environmental stressors without flattening hairstyles.
Argan Oil - Restoring Serum Strengthens, shields, and hydrates hair | For All Hair Types   Nutrient-rich argan oil infuses hair with antioxidant vitamin E and fatty acids, restoring softness, strength, and shine to damaged...
Charcoal & Bamboo - Detoxifying Hair Mask Detoxify & Restore | For All Hair Types   Japanese binchō-tan white charcoal absorbs impurities of the hair while bamboo extract, Marula oil, and Argan Oil gently nourish...
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