best blow dryer

Blow drying your hair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Watch our video above and follow these simple steps for how to get the smoothest blow dry with Theorie AirShine Dryer:

  1. Start with tangle-free wet hair.
  2. Finger dry to get rid of the drippy wet.
  3. Choose from the AirShine Dryer‘s four temperatures and three speeds, and use a round brush for bounce and shine.
  4. Pop on the larger of the two concentrator nozzles. It plays nice with your round brush for the best heat distribution.
  5. Pick a side, any side, and grab about 1- to 2-inch sections. (Hear that? Nope. Because the hair dryer’s sound suppression system keeps it quiet.)
  6. Raise the root and roll it out, flipping the ends under. (Tourmaline ionic technology + millions of negative ions = smoother cuticle, more shine, less frizz!)
  7. For va-va-va volume, pay extra attention to your crown and the top back of your head.
  8. Finally, blast a cool shot to seal the cuticle and give your blow dry lasting power. And the next time you turn it on, the AirShine will remember your fave settings from your last blast.

Find Theorie AirShine Dryer exclusively at Ulta Beauty here.